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Name Nickname Office Latest News
Kristen Pacino President Headed to San Francisco with Dan.
Steph Jersey Vice President Modern as they come.
Dan M. Simon Recording Secretary Wants to get back to the city by the bay.
Jessica Crumpet Treasurer Better run for her life.
Marisa Emilio Estevez Secretary of Agriculture Performs stand up again soon.
Chris M. Poopdeck Logo Designer Repping the North Shore since 1981.
Proxy Cody Proxy Cody Mascot The other white meat.
Alice Couscous   Is chillaxing.
Alicia Thumper   Is underrated.
Andrew Devo   Still a pharmer.
Andy Ace   Has a hottub... how posh.
Belinda C-Span   Becomes beautiful before bewitching bedouins.
Ben A. Lobo   Still Canadian.
Ben S. Peter   Is now working on the Sunday paper because that is when the big news happens.
Brian Dr. Teeth   Sexy as a clam.
Bridget Stamps   Proud to be an American.
Cate The Edge   Resuming action.
Chris H. Friendly Fire   Really is just that fiery.
Chris L. Fingers   BALLS! (Well, paintballs.)
Cody Papa Choate   Ask him about Debbie Go.
Dan T. Red Bird   Is in decision making mode.
Dave The Oven   Hammertime!
Elisa Octane   Is mixing it up.
Genevieve Zipper   Don't look down.
Geoff The Black Death   Has the coolest BAH nickname so far.
Geordie Quick Draw   Thinks you look nice.
Jamison Ginger   Joined a band?
Jared Rerun   Apparently a fan of the Postal Service.
Jason Goombah   Back in Philly.
Jeff Dead Weight   Is debonair.
John B. Mayor McCheese   Walks the line.
John D. Gordon   Hot like an oven... but not like The Oven.
Jon B. Dan Quayle   Dominates the BAH-bands.
Jon C. Sweepstakes   Is done with softball.
Kate S. The Professor   The S is for "spiffy"
Kate T. Wheelchair   Needs to officially start DAH.
Larissa Balki   Is prettier than you.
Lauren Trixie   Is dubious.
Leslie Enzyme   Can't be expected to drive up from the Cape every week.
Liss Houdini   Started school again.
Liz Miyagi   Has her books and her poetry to protect her.
Lynn MSNBC   Has a plan to meet the man of your dreams.
Markos Ray Combs   Ready to go back to the CIA.
Martin Cannonball   Location: Afghanistan.
Matt Gramps   Mourns the end of McClane.
Melanie McGruff   Is tough enough.
Mike C. Swedish   Is prepared to use brute strength.
Mike P. Neapolitan   Is back in the living room with discopop.
Nick Ovaltine   Casual.
Nicki Sensei   Is gone, daddy, gone.
Patrick Magnesia   Is probably looking at furniture porn.
Prajwal Paul Revere   Will never have new news.
Rebecca The Shark   Is won over by debonair dudes.
Sam Wesley   Will be in town for the tourney.
Sarah Class   Nods politely.
Shannon Muscles   Backwards is "Nonnahs".
Thom Carbomb   The H is for "Hummer". No, seriously, he works on the Hummer ad campaign.
Tim The Mouth   Is the man of Lynn's dreams.
Tom Caboose   Might be eating spumoni with his mom right now.
Tony Mitzvah   Will be warming his house soon.
Tristan The Beagle   Needs a party hat.
Vietnam Freedom Fries   Is a real man.

Total: 62